Minilya – Exmouth Road Upgrade Annex Facility

Establishment of the Minilya – Exmouth Road Upgrade Annex Facility is acknowledged for testing undertaken from this annex facility in relation to the Minilya – Exmouth Road Widen and Seal project for Maca Civil Pty Ltd. and is valid from 11 July 2022 until 11 November 2022.

Mt Isa Annex

Mt Isa Annex Facility, Site No 25917 is established from 2 May 2022 until 30 September 2022 for Kennedy’s Saddle Dam Construction Project.

Bathurst Annex Facility

The Bathurst Annex Facility, Site 25729 is established from 27 September 2021 until 20 September 2023 for the Kelso to Raglan Material Testing project for TfNSW.

RAAF Base Pearce Annex Facility

The RAAF Base Pearce Annex Facility, Site No. 25873 is established from 7 March 2022 until 1 January 2023 for the AIR7000-Phase 2B-Package 4 – RAAF Base Pearce project for CPB Contractors Pty Ltd.

Bridge 5413 Annex Facility

The Bridge 5413 Annex Facility, Site No. 25777, is established from 29 November 2021 for the Minor Works Subcontract for Decmil Australia Pty Ltd.

Bradshaw Field Training Area Annex Facility

The Bradshaw Field Training Area Annex Facility, Site No. 25847 is established from 20 March 2022 until 20 March 2024 for the Bradshaw Field Training Area 3 Year Road Works for Shamrock Civil.

Mount Pleasant Operations Annex Facility

The Mount Pleasant Operations Annex Facility, Site No. 25753 is established from 9 November 2021 until 9 November 2022 for the Mount Pleasant Project – Minor Services contract for MACH Energy.

Mangoola Mine Operation Annex Facility

The Mangoola Mine Operations Annex Facility is acknowledged from 21 February 2022 until 21 February 2023 for the Mangoola Continued Coal Operation for KCE Pty Ltd.

Saltwater Creek Bridge Upgrade Annex Facility

The Saltwater Creek Bridge Upgrade Annex Facility, Site No. 25726, is established from 20 September 2021 until 20 September 2022 for the 3080 – Bruce Highway, Saltwater Creek Bridge Upgrade project for Georgiou Group Pty Ltd.

White Quartz Road Annex Facility

The White Quartz Road Annex Facility, Site No. 25650 is acknowledged from 28 June 2021 until 28 March 2022 for the White Quartz Road Realignment (WQRR) Project – Stage 1 for Whittens Pty Limited.