Jacinth Ambrosia Mine Annex

The Jacinth-Ambrosia Annex has been built to suit the needs for which Coffey Testing – Adelaide has been contracted, which is the construction of the earthworks’ walls. Coffey Testing will be ensuring their durability via density and moisture testing.

This lab was set up on Wednesday 24 January 2024.

Our Coffey Testing – Adelaide team can also facilitate the following testing from this annex:

  • Hilf Density Test AS 1289.5.7.1,
  • Oven Moisture Content AS 1289.2.1.1, and
  • Nuclear Density Field Reading AS1289.5.8.1.

Mid-West Patch Repair Works Annex Facility

Similar to the Esperance Annex, the Mid-West Patch Repair Works Annex will look to assist with the growing population of WA and the development of new infrastructure.

Esperance-Goldfields Patch Repair Works Annex Facility

Commissioned by Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA), the Esperance Goldfields Maintenance Project is a massive $46 million package, that looks to facilitate the ever-growing Perth region.

Yeerabiddy Rail Siding Annex Facility

The Yeerabiddy Siding Project will assist with:

  • Increasing the supply chain capacity from the company’s Mining Area C (MAC) site, also known as South Flank,
  • Optimising the operational flexibility of the company through increasing and reconfiguring the structure,
  • Reducing the amount of headway through current block selection and then spacing them equidistantly, and
  • Providing a reliable foundation for the implementation of future projects.

Square Kilometre Array Observatory Airport and Associated Works Annex Facility

This project is constructing a third array observatory and additional airport runway to expand the link between the South Africa and China SKAO facilities.

Eurobodalla Southern Storage Annex Facility

The Eurobodalla Southern Storage Annex Facility is an on-site testing lab that is being used by Coffey Testing – ACT to allow them to assist with the Southern Water Supply Storage Project.

Located in the mountainous South Coast region of New South Wales, this project is set to be completed in late 2024.

The completion of the project will include the construction of a new 3,000 million litre off-stream water storage facility, with the addition of other infrastructure that will help reduce the impact of drought and will make a substantial contribution to the region’s economic growth.

Pilbara Ports Authority

Ongoing Compaction and Material Conformance Testing.

Iron Bridge

Compaction and Material Conformance Testing.

Christmas Creek Hub Development Project

Compaction and Material Conformance Testing.

Barrow Island Annex Facility

Barrow Island is a legacy project for Coffey, having started on the island in 2011.

We have worked for various clients on the island over that duration, and are currently undertaking the general maintenance contract, cross island fibre optic trench and deep see communication trench.