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Explore the Possibilities of Pavement Longevity with Coffey Testing – Central Coast

Our Coffey Testing – Central Coast team are specialists in pavement rehabilitation and longevity. We invite you to explore the possibilities and testing capabilities that we can provide when it comes to ensuring that the longevity, structural integrity, and safety of Australian roads are our priorities. Coffey Testing – Central Coast’s Drilling Team The Coffey […]

Coffey Testing – Rockhampton’s Commitment to the Wind Energy Sector

Wind energy is one of Australia’s main sources of renewable energy. It generates enough energy to meet 35.9% of the country’s electricity demands and 9.9% of Australia’s overall electricity supply. By 2030, wind energy is projected to share 50% of electricity generation in Australia. This is a massive opportunity for major players for those already […]

Coffey Testing is NATA Accredited

Coffey Testing is a proudly owned, Australian business that has NATA accredited laboratories located nation-wide. NATA, which is abbreviated from National Association of Testing Authorities, is Australia’s only national accreditation body for laboratories. Put simply, an accreditation by NATA demonstrates an organisation meeting or exceeding minimum standards in the production and delivery of its conformity […]

Coffey Testing – Sustainable Changes for a Greener Future

Coffey Testing are passionate about supporting the planet and its natural resources, in the hopes of creating an eco-friendly and promising future. We take great pride in our commitment and sustainability to environmental change, consistently ensuring we make a positive impact on the landscape around us. The Shift Away from Mining Australia is well known […]

Coffey Testing’s Affiliation with NAWIC

Coffey Testing is honored to be affiliated with the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) organisation as a valued corporate member. NAWIC is a not-for-profit organisation that strives to advocate for change, educate and empower, and connect women through their love and passion for the construction industry. With Chapters in every state and territory, […]

Permeability and Triaxial Tests Available at Coffey Testing

Coffey Testing is excited to announce the expansion of their NATA accredited tests! These include Permeability (AS 1289.6.7.3), Triaxial Test (AS 1289.6.4.2) and Unconsolidated Undrained (UU) Triaxial Tests (AS 1289.6.4.1).  The introduction of these new specialty testing methods represents our commitment to providing clients with precision, reliability, and the tools to elevate their projects. Permeability Test (AS 1289.6.7.3) […]

Coffey Testing Sydney – Triaxial Testing Now Available

At Coffey Testing, we are committed to providing innovative processes that aim to provide you the most accurate insights on the market. With this being said, we are very excited to announce the expansion of our NATA scope of accreditation, with AS 1289.6.4.1 Triaxial Testing, available now at our Coffey Testing – Sydney laboratory.  Unveiling […]

Our Commitment to the Australian Economy

Coffey Testing is committed to the Australian economy, embodying the values that align us with our recently acquired Australian Owned Social Responsibility Partnership. The Australian Owned symbol is more than just a logo – it represents our active support for not only our staff but other local businesses, which in turn allows us to drive […]

Coffey Testing is Australian Owned and Trusted

Coffey Testing is proud to be recognised as an Australian Owned Social Responsibility Partner!  Being Australian Owned is important to us as it truly reflects Coffey Testing, and the differences that we aim to make to the Australian economy. Even though it has been nearly 2 years since the last COVID-19 lockdown, our economy is […]