Cameron Bik

Cameron Bik

General Manager NSW/ACT/VIC

Cameron is the General Manager for the New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory regions. With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, Cameron has extensive knowledge of Construction Material Testing and pavement investigations across NSW and ACT. Previously the Manager of our Central Coast Laboratory as well as the Regional Pavements Manager, Cameron is a proven leader who guides and inspires his peers to thrive and achieve their goals while demonstrating excellence in quality and safety

He has worked on a wide range of pavement projects throughout Australia which includes experience on large scale highway projects, managing the laboratory for the two largest scale freeway projects the region has seen in 30 years concurrently, Government pavement designs (including car parks and pavements within correctional facilities), Regional RMS projects, LGA and RR programs for councils and even haul roads within mines in the Hunter region.

Cameron has been heavily involved with pavement rehabilitation and stabilisation designs comprising of modified, lightly bound, and foamed bitumen pavements. This has proved monumental for his clients who have saved millions of dollars re-using materials onsite, avoiding the costs of importing new pavement materials and removing and disposing of in situ material. Cameron’s soil background has given him a strong grounding in the treatment options available to overcome material which is of poor quality and may have, in the past, been removed from site and disposed at landfill.

As Cameron’s expertise is so highly regarded in this industry, he is an invited member of the AustStab Technical Working Group. The role of the AustStab Technical Working Group includes acting as the reference group of the AustStab Council on all technical matters and addressing national issues of a technical nature relating to all aspects of pavement recycling and stabilisation.

In addition to his pavement investigation and design experience, Cameron has been a NATA signatory since 2009 for a large range of construction material tests, soil classification tests and field density tests.