Dawn Watt

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Coffey Testing, Dawn is responsible for a national network of permanent and site-specific laboratory testing facilities, operating in some of the country’s most remote locations. This is where we provide our clients with deep insights into the properties of the materials, soil and rocks they’re dealing with. Using the latest equipment and specialised analysis – and often working evenings and weekends – we get consistent, quality results in the shortest timeframes possible.

With over 15 years as a manager with Coffey Testing, Dawn has the experience to continually balance the need for high quality results and the need to bring efficiencies and value to our clients. Dawn enjoys managing our highly successful change process and dealing with all the complex situations this creates.

Dawn is proud to be involved in a business at the top of its game, doing vital work to support the safety and integrity of our clients’ construction projects. As an expert in Construction Material Testing accreditation and compliance, Dawn holds our technical teams in the highest regard.