What is a Point Load Strength Test?

It is an empirical test that can be done either on site or in the laboratory to give an index number, that can hopefully be corelated to the UCS (Uniaxial Compressive Strength) value for a particular type of rock.

What materials does a Point Load specifically Test? 

Any type of rock.
The ideal sample is a rock core 50 mm diameter. 

Other diameters can be tested if they will fit inside the machine. 

Both standards also allow for irregular shapes to be tested.

Which Coffey Testing facilities can utilise this testing?

The Sydney Laboratory can do both Point Load Tests and Uniaxial Compression tests. The client would usually do their own Point Load Tests during construction and use our results to estimate the UCS value.

Are there different types of Point Load tests? If so, what are they?

Coffey Testing- Sydney is accredited for two different standards.  

  • AS 4113.4.1, and 
  • tfNSW Test Method T223. 

These two test methods are different from each other and produce different results. We do need to know which standard the client wishes us to use.

What types of projects do you usually utilise this type of testing for? 

  • Site Investigations, 
  • Rock Tunnelling, and  
  • Rock excavation.

What are the benefits of Point Load Testing? 

It enables a client who has completed a proper site investigation, to constantly estimate the strength of the rock on site during the construction phase, with a quick, cheap, and easily performed test. 

Do you need Point Load Testing for your next project?

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