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Learn What's Possible at Coffey Testing

With an abundance of opportunities for each individual, Coffey Testing provides internal and external training for each staff member to create a fulfiling career that they deserve.

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Whats Possible At Coffey

Offering a landscape of professional growth, innovative projects, and a collaborative environment where your potential can be fully realized and celebrated.

Career Advancements

At Coffey Testing, we thoroughly believe in investing in our employees, to ensure that they can provide our clients with the valuable insights needed to successfully complete a project and progress in their careers.

We do this through the myriad of training programs that are available internally and externally.

Our internal training consists of comprehensive theory models that are then complemented with hands-on, practical modules, alongisde continuous job training. Our Field Officers facilitate face-to-face learning and interactive demonstrations throughout our laboratories around the country. 

Our external training, on the other hand, consists of company funded formal qualifications, ranging from Certificate III to Advanced Diplomas, facilitated by our RTO partners. 

Many of our current leadership teams are by-products of individuals progressing and working their way through the training provided by Coffey Testing, and have pushed through the ranks to get to where they are today. This culture of internal advancement not only inspires our team but guarantees that our leaders possess a profound understanding of our values, mission and the distrinctive requirements of our clients. 


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Building Futures, Nurturing Success

Embark on a meaningful career with Coffey Testing, where we provide the essential training and support to navigate through your professional journey.

Within the first week working at Coffey Testing, all new staff members will participate in our Training Academy at our head office, located in Newcastle.

This program will provide them with the knowledge that they need to know about the company, such as:

  • Code of Conduct & Values
  • IT Systems
  • Booking Travel & Accommodation
  • Social Media, Marketing & Laboratory Events
  • Payroll, Timesheets & Expenses
  • Vehicle Policies, PPE & Uniforms
  • Safety & Wellbeing
  • Quality & Laboratory KPIS, and 
  • Performance Plans & Reviews. 

Within a staff member’s first week of working within the laboratory, they will be assisted by someone on the team, to show them around. This allows staff members to:

  • Learn and ins and outs of the laboratory and understand what is required of them in their day-to-day,
  • Understand that teamwork is a large component of what we do,
  • Gain further knowledge and experience within the construction materials testing industry, and
  • Know that from the very first minute they set foot into the laboratory, that they aren’t alone, and that it is a safe space to ask any questions if they need.

At Coffey Testing, we have an annual goal setting session with staff and their manager, and this is where individual goals can be outlined. 

We also facilitate 3- and 5-month performance reviews, with staff and their Laboratory Managers as well, and these sessions are utilised to check staff members’ professional progress, as well as how they are settling in, and a reflection of their wellbeing. 

At the beginning of each week, every Coffey Testing Laboratory will facilitate a Weekly Toolbox. This allows the teams to come together to discuss any key points of reminders for the week ahead, providing transparency and honesty between the senior members and their teams. 

This also allows a chance for team members to speak up on any topics as they arise, or alternatively, schedule some time with their manager afterwards to ask more questions about what their week is looking like and what is expected of them. 

How We Help Build Your Career

At Coffey Testing, we prioritise your professional growth. Through providing a wide range of training readily available and a collaborative environment when staff can feel appreciated and listened to, Coffey Testing heavily encourages continuous learning.

We concentrate on your individual career trajectory, equipping you with the necessary resources and support to thrive and progress within our company.

You can make the most out of your career and make the life that you’ve always wanted through the company’s ongoing support and encouragement. 

Our commitment extends beyond just job training; we offer regular performance reviews and career planning to ensure you’re on track to achieving your professional goals.  Fostering an environment of open communication and feedback ensures you have the support and resources necessary to succeed and make meaningful strides in your career at Coffey Testing.

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