Pavement Investigation

Pavement Investigation with Coffey Testing

Coffey Testing undertake various pavement investigations for many local councils, civil contractors and regional road programs.

We possess experienced technicians with strong laboratory backgrounds who can help tailor investigations to enable you to gather useful information that will assist in the efficient assessment and application of construction methodologies.  Coffey Testing thrive on difficult restraints which are commonly experienced on many projects requiring investigations.

Whether it be shallow water tables or services, poor quality or thinly placed pavement materials or environmental conditions through to waste classification and critically, safety when considering working on live roads or near services.  We are highly experienced with these elements and have the processes in place to reduce risk.

Coffey Testing have a strong grounding in pavement rehabilitation including stabilised and foamed bitumen pavements.  Where possible, design measures are undertaken to ensure insitu material remains in place helping to reduce project costs, decreasing project delivery times and minimising material waste.  This can be crucial in rural areas where transportation of materials can cost more than the pavement material itself.

Successful Pavement Investigation Projects with Coffey Testing

Examples of Projects that Coffey Testing have worked whereby Pavement Investigation has been facilitated include the following: