Safety Practices

Our ISO/IEC 17025 NATA accredited testing laboratories are situated across Australia and are equipped with the latest technology. Giving you a fast, decisive response to urgent situations, where people could be exposed to risk.

If your project is in a remote location, our technicians will conduct on-site analysis, with a quality management system certified to ISO/IEC 17025 and therefore, will also operate generally in accordance with the principles of ISO 9001.

At Coffey, we understand the complexities of work health and safety legislation and the practical realities of keeping your site safe for your workers, contractors and members of the public.

We can help you deal with the diverse range of risks you need to address – safeguarding the future of your people and business.

Backsafe training

Most back injuries can be prevented with manual handling training coupled with the proper use of injury prevention techniques. Our training program provides our people with the knowledge and skills needed to stay safe.

Vehicle tracking system

Road vehicle accidents are a major safety risk for any company. We proactively manage this risk through vehicle monitoring systems that allow us to:

  • instantly identify vehicle status and location
  • manage vehicle and driver performance
  • monitor the distance and duration against Coffey’s journey management plans
  • streamline maintenance management

Boots on the ground training – field awareness

For our technicians who work outdoors, we’ve developed training modules that address exclusion zone risk, hazard and situational awareness and stop work authority. We also teach our technicians appropriate communication protocols, to ensure safety risks are addressed and reported to minimise injury or any recurrence.

Take 5

The Take 5 process is an informal risk assessment tool which is available to all our employees in notebook form. It helps them identify, assess and control potential hazards. Doing this simple task could prevent injury occurring.

We’re here for you

We have facilities located across Australia and operate in some of the most remote locations, both with permanent and site-specific testing facilities.

Our onsite or remote laboratory services improve accessibility and provide quicker results.

With over 50 years of experience we have millions of tests under our belt.

We aim to exceed expectations by:

  • advancing the technology and practices of our industry to give you the best possible results as well as being actively involved in research and development through affiliations with universities and industry associations
  • implementing safety first work practices with significant improvements in safety and OH&S compliance because a safe work site is imperative for all involved
  • ensuring accreditation in the regions where we operate, giving you peace of mind with every test we do
  • being a single source for all construction materials testing, which means time saved
  • operating only NATA accredited laboratories utilising the latest technologies to reduce your risks and costs
  • having sufficient staff numbers to reduce call out times and improve responsiveness and efficiency for you
  • using Industry leading reporting systems to improve efficiency and accuracy of tests and reports