Coffey Testing

At Coffey Testing, Quality Assurance and Independent Geotechnical Testing is what we do and what we provide to our clients in the most efficient and commercial manner. Aggregate, concrete and soil testing requires a diligent approach and focus to ensure accurate results.

We take pride in our work which allows our clients to have comfort knowing they are getting results that have been tested in line with relevant statutory standards by scientific minded people who care about their work and the impact it has on construction projects.

Geotechnical conditions vary considerably and can have a big impact on the structural assets that we build on top. From geotechnical engineers, quarries, concrete producers, residential developers to contractors and constructors, all can face a range of challenges – especially when it comes to existing material conditions and the suitability or otherwise of the materials being used in the construction of their products or projects.

As engineering gets more complicated, the technology we use to test samples must follow. At Coffey Testing, we provide our clients with deep insights into the properties of the materials they’re dealing with. We apply the latest techniques in specialised testing and analysis services, using international best practice and conformance standards to achieve detailed, quality results.

We have over 25 locations Australia wide including remote project laboratories. We have 60 years’ experience working on small, medium, and large sized projects across all sectors of construction including:

  • Residential, industrial, and commercial sub-divisions, developments and high rises;
  • Public utility and transport infrastructure projects including highways, busways, bridges, tunnels, rail, ports and airports;
  • Mining and supported infrastructure; and
  • Oil and gas green and brown field developments.

Our clients choose us for our ability to provide efficient high-volume testing in any part of the country as well as consultation and expertise to conduct speciality testing for aggregates, soft soils, rock, grout and concrete. We possess the ability to quickly mobilise resources and have professionally equipped facilities for any sized project. This includes assembling a workforce of trained geo-technicians anywhere, anytime.

Material testing is designed to make sure that materials meet quality control standards, comply with regulations and exhibit the physical characteristics required for construction.

As one of Australia’s largest construction materials testing providers, we are looking to build long term relationships based on genuine partnerships where buy in to the all-round success of our client’s projects is paramount to the way we operate.

Please get in touch with us so we can look to explore ways in which we can assist you reduce your risk, improve your operations and client relationships through the delivery of our people.

Coffey Testing is Australian Owned and Certified

Quality Testing

At Coffey Testing, quality is an intrinsic component of the service we offer to our clients and the culture of our organisation.  We have permanent NATA accredited laboratories across Australia with ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement, as well as many annex laboratories located in most states and territories. We operate a Quality Management System certified to ISO/IEC 17025 that contains fully documented procedures for project management, project cost control, field operations, and analysis and reporting.

We aim to provide our services consistently and reliably by working to documented procedures.  These have been reviewed and authorised by senior management and comply generally in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, the International Standard on Quality Management Systems.

Coffey Testing will ensure that its employees, agents, and sub-contractors (if required) hold and maintain the currency of all qualifications, licences, accreditations, and certifications necessary to supply the services to your project in accordance with all regulatory requirements.

Our ESG Commitment

At Coffey Testing, we seek to deliver value to Australian communities that go beyond our own profitability.

We strive to create more positive client relationships and experiences, stronger communities, a better ability to attract and retain top talent, and do the right thing by regulators and operating communities.

To find our more about our ESG Commitments, see here.

Our Testing Services

  • Aggregate Testing

    Aggregates is an essential component within the construction industry, across a variety of applications. Having the correct materials can have a sizeable impact on project outcomes and deliverables.

  • Concrete Testing

    Testing of concrete in the construction industry is crucial to ensure the continuous performance and integrity of all concrete structures.

  • Soil Testing

    An in depth understanding of the ground conditions and soil composition of the project enables confidence with planning and construction as well as mitigating potential risks.

  • Level 1 Supervision & Testing

    The majority of projects associated with residential and commercial developments require Level 1 Supervision and Certification throughout the bulk earthworks stages of civil construction.

  • Pavement Investigation

    Coffey Testing undertake various pavement investigations for many local councils, civil contractors and regional road programs.

  • Speciality Testing

    Coffey Testing offers a large suite of advanced specialised tests to assist you, no matter the environment or landscape.