Our Projects

Our team successfully managed a multifaceted project that encompassed various critical components for GE Vernova. From ground survey, LiDAR, and geotechnical investigation, we orchestrated seamless coordination to achieve project objectives.
The Coffey Testing – Adelaide team has been contracted for a period of 4-months, to assist with the construction of the a2 wall.
The Coffey Testing team were mobilised to site in early December 2023, with ongoing work until mid-March this year.
The Coffey Testing – Port Hedland Team are conducting a test that consists of a 3.6km rail spur, which will allow the twin access to the MAC train load out.
Our Coffey Testing team in the Northern Territory, have been undertaking a wide range of tests since their appointment to the project in October.
Coffey Testing are able to identify the suitability of the materials and see if they can be stabilised, re-used and modified to last the pavement design life.