The Coffey Testing - Northern Territory team are undertaking a wide range of projects to assist Core Lithium.

Our Coffey Testing team in the Northern Territory, have been undertaking a wide range of tests since their appointment to the project in October.

  • Client: Northern Australia Civil, on behalf of Core Lithium
  • Duration: Ongoing
  • Location: Northern Territory

More Info

Australian lithium mining company, Core Lithium has added the BP33 Finnis Lithium Mine to their project list.

The Finnis Lithium Mine is the Northern Territory’s first and only lithium mine, and Australia’s only lithium mine outside of Western Australia. The BP33 Finnis Lithium Mine is located just 88km by sealed road from the Darwin Port and is supported by one of the best names in the Australian lithium operations sector.

The BP33 Finnis Lithium Mine project started In August, and will look at developing the following:

  • An underground mine,
  • A water supply dam,
  • Sediment ponds,
  • A run of mine pads,
  • Waste lock landforms,
  • A storage and maintenance area,
  • Internal access roads, and
  • Draining infrastructure.

Once this project is complete, BP33 have an underground entry to a new deposit of lithium material. With the construction of the “Box” cut into the ground, they are soon to start tunnelling down to the deposit.

So far, our Coffey Testing – Northern Territory Team have facilitated the following, having commenced testing in October this year, on behalf of Northern Australia Civil:

  • Level 1 Supervision for all Night and Day works on the Mine Water Dam Construction (AS 3798)
  • Field Density Nuclear (AS 1289 5.8.1)
  • DCP Testing (AS 1289 6.3.2)
  • CBR (AS1289.6.1.1)
  • PSD (AS1289 3.6.1)
  • Atterberg Limits (AS1289 3.1.1 & 3.2.1 & 3.3.1 & AS1289.3.4.1)
  • SMDD & MMDD (AS 1289 5.1.1 & 5.2.1)
  • Falling Head Permeability (AS 1289 6.7.2)
  • Emerson Class (AS1289 3.8.1), plus
  • Concrete and grout testing, including the initial trials for the tunnel shotcrete mix.

The current scope of works for Coffey Testing is looking to head into the New Year, and our team in the Northern Territory are excited to be part of assisting with one such a unique project.