Coffey Testing Can Service Remote and Rural Australia

Coffey Testing is committed to providing solutions for all projects, no matter the scope and location. 

With our additional resources, knowledge and experienced staff available throughout regional and remote Australia, the Coffey Testing team can assist with our client’s projects through our Site Labs and Remote Testing facilities. 

Coffey Testing Site Labs and Remote Testing 

With Coffey Testing’s proven delivery of accurate and timely results for a range of remote mining and civil infrastructure, we are a construction materials testing company that our clients can trust. 

Coffey Testing has access to one of the large NATA accreditations in Australia, meaning that our teams can keep their testing requirements in-house.

When it comes to site labs and remote testing, Coffey Testing can facilitate on-site testing that:

  • Will deliver client’s results on time, and 
  • Won’t break the budget, on even the most challenging and remote of projects. 

Soil Testing

Coffey Testing can facilitate the following soil testing services in their remote annexes:

  • Soil classification,
  • Material quality and conformance, 
  • Compaction testing, 
  • Consolidation testing, 
  • Density testing, through to advance specialised testing. 

To find out information, see here. 

Concrete Testing

When it comes to testing concrete in the construction industry, ensuring that your concrete and other materials are being tested accurately, and having a team of qualified technicians that you can rely on is imperative. 

Our nationwide Coffey Testing team specialise in an extensive range of concrete testing, from general field, and QA testing, through to specialty concrete testing. 

Our ongoing affiliation with AustStab, also gives our clients additional reassurance that all factors such as cost, time, and the environment are covered. 

Find out more about our concrete testing capabilities here.

Aggregate Testing 

Coffey Testing’s aggregate testing services offer not only reliable results, but also equip our clients with the knowledge and solutions required for their projects. 

Our in-depth aggregate testing services offer reliable results that provide you with all the data you need. 

You can find out more about our aggregate testing capabilities here

Coffey Testing Remote Annex Locations Across Australia

Coffey Testing across Australia have had the following remote annex locations available for a wide range of projects, including: 

Do you need remote testing for your next project?

No matter the size of your remote project, Coffey Testing can provide you with quality testing services, regardless of where you are. To find out more about our site labs and remote testing services, do not hesitate to get in touch today. 

Coffey Testing is NATA Accredited

Coffey Testing is a proudly owned, Australian business that has NATA accredited laboratories located nation-wide.

NATA, which is abbreviated from National Association of Testing Authorities, is Australia’s only national accreditation body for laboratories. Put simply, an accreditation by NATA demonstrates an organisation meeting or exceeding minimum standards in the production and delivery of its conformity assessment activities.

Coffey Testing are the industry leaders in Geotechnical and Civil Construction Material Testing Industry in Australia, with over 60 years’ experience in soils, concrete, aggregates, and also providing our clients with specialty testing, which is required on soft soils, aggregates and rock.

The reasons as to why it is so important to highlight Coffey Testing’s NATA accreditation is due to:

  • Quality assurance: Having a globally-recognised, peer-reviewed and government endorsed accreditation provides clients that have a relationship with Coffey Testing to have reassurance regarding the quality of work and a unique level of expertise and professionalism when it comes to getting the job done.
  • Recognition: NATA is nationally and internationally recognised, providing Coffey Testing with a competitive advantage when compared to competitors that may not be accredited, and ensures our readiness to capitalise on trade opportunities.
  • International: NATA is heavily involved with international groups, allowing Coffey Testing in turn to gain international recognition. This is important as it minimises the need for multiple assessments from different suppliers in order to receive an accreditation.
  • Competence: Receiving a NATA accreditation demonstrates Coffey Testing’s commitment to quality, safety, and reliability of the services we provide to our clients.
  • Education: NATA has been training individuals and teams alike for over 20 years, spreading more awareness around the importance of being accredited within the field of Geotechnical and Civil Construction Material Testing.
  • Innovation: Due to NATA’s innovative and timely business solutions, Coffey Testing has unique advantages over competitors, that include but are not limited to, versatile and cost friendly tests that can provide accurate insights and allow project managers to create proactive solutions and plans for a range of different projects.

If you have any questions or enquiries, contact our sales team today to find out which NATA accredited test will best suit your next project.