Coffey Testing is Australian Owned and Trusted

Coffey Testing is proud to be recognised as an Australian Owned Social Responsibility Partner

Being Australian Owned is important to us as it truly reflects Coffey Testing, and the differences that we aim to make to the Australian economy. Even though it has been nearly 2 years since the last COVID-19 lockdown, our economy is still catching up, and now, more than ever, it is so important to ensure that businesses and individuals alike are supporting Australian businesses nationwide.

Who is Coffey Testing?

Coffey Testing is the leading Construction Materials Testing organsation, located nationally in Australia. For any project, no matter how big or small, we aim to perform to the very best of our ability, allowing us to give suppliers the best possible result for their project, and this is reflected within our highly skilled technicians.

Coffey Testing Supports Local

Coffey Testing endeavors to support our fellow Australian businesses. This can look like anything; through shopping with local suppliers, sponsoring sporting teams, and also attending various networking events, we give our all to ensure that we are supporting others in the Australian economy. 

The Coffey Testing Difference

Our dedication to ensuring we are looking at a greener and much more sustainable future has been embedded throughout all labs, and we host fundraisers and encourage our staff to recycle scrap metals as a result of this.

Safety is Important

We do not compromise on safety, quality assurance and accuracy, which in turn has allowed us to foster new relationships and nurture pre-existing ones. Our testing processes are also NATA accredited, giving our clients the peace of mind that we will conduct our job in a professional manner.

Coffey Testing is not only Australian Owned, but also Australian TRUSTED.

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