Permeability and Triaxial Tests Available at Coffey Testing

Coffey Testing is excited to announce the expansion of their NATA accredited tests!

These include Permeability (AS 1289.6.7.3), Triaxial Test (AS 1289.6.4.2) and Unconsolidated Undrained (UU) Triaxial Tests (AS 1289.6.4.1). 

The introduction of these new specialty testing methods represents our commitment to providing clients with precision, reliability, and the tools to elevate their projects.

Permeability Test (AS 1289.6.7.3)

Coffey Testing’s Permeability Testing (AS 1289.6.73) is the analysis of the behaviour of soils and materials. This process allows for further insight into how fluids can move through materials, allowing our geo-technicians assess drainage capabilities, identify potential seepage paths, and design effective drainage systems as a result of this test.

By understanding Permeability, our clients will be able to make informed decisions that will prevent water-related issues and optimise project performance.

Triaxial Test (AS 1289.6.4.2)

Triaxial Testing (AS 1289.6.4.2) is the process of evaluating the stress conditions of soils and granular materials. From here, our clients can further understand the shear strength, deformation characteristics and material stability of their samples, allowing clients to be reassured that they are building with confidence.

UU Triaxial Test (AS 1289.6.4.1)

Coffey Testing can dive even deeper into material behaviour with the AS1289.6.4.1 Unconsolidated Undrained (UU) Triaxial Test. Our geo-technicians can assess how cements, soils and aggregates respond to different loading conditions. As a result, clients can fine-tune their designs, optimise material selection and ensure project structural integrity.

Why does it matter?

Precision for Prosperity

The Coffey Testing team are big believers in accurate testing that allows for successful projects.  By harnessing the insights from our specialty testing, our clients are reassured that every decision is grounded in data-driven excellence. This precision also translates to safer structures, efficient resource utilisation, and projects that stand the test of time.

Empowers Decision-Making 

Informed decisions are the backbone of effective project management. With Coffey Testing’s specialty testing range, clients gain a comprehensive understanding of material behaviour, resulting in proactive choices that mitigate risks being made, the optimisation of designs, and streamline operations. 

Compliance with Confidence

Regulatory compliance is paramount. Coffey Testing’s NATA-accredited tests align seamlessly with industry standards, ensuring our clients ’projects meet or exceed required benchmarks. 


 Demonstrate your commitment to quality, safety, and compliance by partnering with Coffey Testing. Get in touch with our Coffey Testing – Sydney team today for all your specialty testing needs and request a quote.