What is Uniaxial Compressive Strength (UCS) testing?

The Uniaxial Compressive Strength (UCS) is the pressure (Load ÷Area) needed to crack a rock core of standard geometry in compression.

What can UCS determine?

The number of Megapascals required to crack a core of standard geometry.

What is the difference between Uniaxial and Unconfined Compressive Strength?

The Australian Standards call the test “Uniaxial Compressive Test”. A similar “Test Method T229” by “transport for NSW” is called “Unconfined Compressive Strength”.

What types of projects can you facilitate UCS testing for?

There are two main reasons an engineer may need to know the UCS value. The UCS is one of a suite of tests needed:

To work out the stability of engineering structures e.g. Tunnels, Cuttings, Foundations of structures. ( I.e. Making sure rock is strong enough for the stability of the structure.)

To work out the difficulty of excavating the rock and being able to choose the most appropriate equipment to do this. ( I.e. Making sure rock is weak enough to be excavated.)

Projects that Coffey Testing has worked on where UCS and/or Modulus testing has been used:

North South Corridor SA

Mount Hopeful Windfarm

Spicers Creek Windfarm

Waratah Super Battery NSW

What are the benefits of using the Uniaxial Compressive Strength Testing?

It is the basic test to ascertain the strength of a rock.

There are many other rock properties that need to be measured or assessed.

What branches that are a part of Coffey Testing can facilitate this testing?

Coffey Testing – Sydney.

What is the NATA accreditation of UCS testing that Coffey Testing can facilitate?

    1. AS 4133.4.1, – Point load strength index
    2. TEST METHOD TfNSW TS 02799.21:0.0 T223 Point Load Strength
    3. AS 4133.4.2.1, Uniaxial compressive strength >50 MPa
    4. AS 4133.4.2.2, Uniaxial compressive strength < 50 MPa
    5. AS 4133.4.3.1, Deformability of rock materials in uniaxial compression > 50 MPa
    6. AS 4133.4.3.2, Deformability of rock materials in uniaxial compression < 50 MPa

Does your next project require UCS testing?

Get in touch with our Coffey Testing – Sydney team here.