Bradshaw Field Training Area (BFTA)

Coffey Testing is providing comprehensive soil and concrete testing services for client, Shamrock Civil for the Bradshaw Field Training Area.

Client: Shamrock Civil
Duration: Commenced: 20 March 2022 Completion: March 2024
Location: Timber Creek, NT

Coffey Testing is proudly providing comprehensive soil and concrete testing services for client, Shamrock Civil, for the Bradshaw Field Training Area (BFTA) located at Timber Creek, NT.

The scope of the project includes:

Sitewide Infrastructure;
– New access roads,
– Engineering services upgrades to support new facilities, and
– Upgrade of Golla Golla Road to enhance access into the Angalari Sector.

Administrative and Support Facilities;
– Medical facilities,
– Upgrade to existing TFMA Training Camp,
– Upgrade to Homestead Training Camp Precinct, Ammunition Transfer Point, and
– New Vehicle Wash Point.

Urban Operation Training Facility (low rise sprawling).

Upgrade to the existing Nackeroo Airfield. Lengthen and strengthen and seal the existing runway to allow C-17s to take off at an increased weight.

The project is due to be completed in March 2024.

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Our Coffey Testing team in the Northern Territory, have been undertaking a wide range of tests since their appointment to the project in October.
Coffey Testing are able to identify the suitability of the materials and see if they can be stabilised, re-used and modified to last the pavement design life.
The Barton Highway helped close the gap between communities and their essentials, and the project was worth $200 million.
Coffey Testing will be a part of the ongoing scope from October 2023, through to October 2025.