Coffey Testing – Adelaide Can Provide CMT to Assist with Your Next Project

Coffey Testing – Adelaide Can Provide CMT to Assist with Your Next Project

Locally located within the metropolitan area of St Marys, Coffey Testing – Adelaide is an accessible laboratory that can assist with construction materials testing services on your next project within the Residential, Transport Infrastructure, Mining, Energy and Defence sectors of Australia.

What Types of Testing can Coffey Testing – Adelaide Facilitate?

Coffey Testing – Adelaide has the following service capabilities:

Why is construction materials testing important?

At Coffey Testing – Adelaide, we take great pride in testing and delivering results to our clients that allow them to make strategic decisions and come up with unique solutions for their projects, to save them time and money.

Construction Materials Testing is a very important piece of the puzzle, as it can affect the following factors:

  • Quality Assurance: Project managers are reassured that the materials they are utilising meets NATA specifications and requirements.
  • Quality Control:  This also further contributes to the overall quality and reliability of construction materials.
  • Safety Assurance: Ensuring that construction materials possess the required strength and durability is critical to preventing structural failures, which can lead to WHS issues such as accidents, injuries and in some cases, loss of life. By conducting accurate material testing, construction companies can have confidence in the safety of their projects.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Coffey Testing is NATA Accredited and regularly audited, meaning that the safety and performance is compliant with Australian Standards across the country.
  • Cost Savings:  Material testing leads to significant cost savings in the future, as the structural integrity of the project is more secure due to the pre-construction testing of materials, preventing errors that could be costly.
  • Efficiency and Performance: Material testing provides critical data that helps project managers determine the best practice and solutions for construction, and therefore maintaining the longevity of said project. By doing so, projects that have had their materials tested are proven to operate and perform more efficiently.


Are you located in Adelaide, and require construction materials testing for your next project?

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