Coffey Testing – Adelaide Can Provide CMT to Assist with Your Next Project

Locally located within the metropolitan area of St Marys, Coffey Testing – Adelaide is an accessible laboratory that can assist with construction materials testing services on your next project within the Residential, Transport Infrastructure, Mining, Energy and Defence sectors of Australia.

What Types of Testing can Coffey Testing – Adelaide Facilitate?

Coffey Testing – Adelaide has the following service capabilities:

Why is construction materials testing important?

At Coffey Testing – Adelaide, we take great pride in testing and delivering results to our clients that allow them to make strategic decisions and come up with unique solutions for their projects, to save them time and money.

Construction Materials Testing is a very important piece of the puzzle, as it can affect the following factors:

  • Quality Assurance: Project managers are reassured that the materials they are utilising meets NATA specifications and requirements.
  • Quality Control:  This also further contributes to the overall quality and reliability of construction materials.
  • Safety Assurance: Ensuring that construction materials possess the required strength and durability is critical to preventing structural failures, which can lead to WHS issues such as accidents, injuries and in some cases, loss of life. By conducting accurate material testing, construction companies can have confidence in the safety of their projects.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Coffey Testing is NATA Accredited and regularly audited, meaning that the safety and performance is compliant with Australian Standards across the country.
  • Cost Savings:  Material testing leads to significant cost savings in the future, as the structural integrity of the project is more secure due to the pre-construction testing of materials, preventing errors that could be costly.
  • Efficiency and Performance: Material testing provides critical data that helps project managers determine the best practice and solutions for construction, and therefore maintaining the longevity of said project. By doing so, projects that have had their materials tested are proven to operate and perform more efficiently.


Are you located in Adelaide, and require construction materials testing for your next project?

Get in contact with our experienced team here. 


Mobile Trailer Laboratory Now Available in Coffey Testing – WA

Our Coffey Testing – WA team are proud to announce their progression of mobile testing through their brand-new Laboratory in a Trailer.

This trailer has been incorporated into our WA testing procedures to offer our clients a more comprehensive level of testing, ensuring flexibility around these tests, and delivering shorter turnaround times, particularly for clients located over long distances in Western Australia.

Luke Redmond, the Operations Manager for our Western Australian and South Australian regions, states, “The Laboratory Trailer concept has been 4 years in the making and is something that I have been involved with from conception of design, through to execution.”

The Laboratory in a Trailer also allows us to cut costs that are incorporated with mobilising a 6m x 3m building for an annex laboratory, especially when due to the nature of the Construction Materials Testing industry, some testing is needed for different scopes of jobs, and this lab in a van also solves the issue of provident expedient delivery of testing for smaller and shorter scope of projects.

Prior to the Laboratory in a Trailer, the Coffey Testing – WA team were being asked by their clients to undertake the following procedure, which took a lot of time and was quite costly.

Franco Harkins, General Manager for Western Australia and South Australia says, “… We were being asked by our clients to drive to site, which would be a large distance from our Base Lab for 1-3 days, collate samples, and then bring them back to our Base Facility, which was delaying the turnaround times of testing results, which added risk to the project’s failing, and adding extensive costing into these failed areas, due to not having the required results within that 24-48 hour period.

“Utilising the trailer for mobile testing allows us to address these issues and cut down turnaround time and be cost-effective.”

The Coffey Testing – WA team are proud to offer a solution that streamlines processes and cuts costs that are typically associated with traditional practices. By embracing the Laboratory in a Trailer, our team is now better equipped to meet the diverse needs of clients and deliver efficient, cost-effective solutions.

The Laboratory in a Trailer is Available at both our Coffey Testing – Perth and Port Hedland laboratories for all your remote testing needs. Get in touch today for more information. 

Coffey Testing is Awarded ‘Best Construction Materials Testing Specialists’ for 2024

Coffey Testing is proud to announce that we have been named ‘Best Construction Materials Testing Specialist’ for the 8th annual APAC Insider Australian Enterprise Awards for 2024.

This is important to us as it stems back to the values and ethics that are portrayed in what it takes to be an Australian Owned business; it shows that whilst the Australian economy has faced various issues coming off the back of COVID-19 in 2020, that many Australian businesses have persevered, allowing the country to recover at a rapid speed in comparison to other countries in the world.

According to APAC Insider, “Australia’s economy generates over $4.5 trillion in output.

Today’s financial landscape is increasingly turbulent, with volatile inflation rates, stunted revenue growth, rising funding costs and regulatory issues are just a few of the challenges [that Australian businesses have faced].”

Whilst these challenges have been prominent in recent years, they have also presented challenges for businesses to look at how they can provide individualised solutions to new problems and fulfil new needs that have been created post-pandemic.

Committed to providing highly quality results in a fast turnaround, Coffey Testing has been supplying soil, concrete and aggregate testing to the Australian construction industry since 1959. Servicing the Transport Infrastructure, Mining, Energy and Defence sectors of Australia, we are committed to supporting the growth of the Australian economy.

Coffey Testing’s Australian Owned Social Responsibility Partnership also go beyond the green logo; it is a testament to the Australian economy to support job creation, economic and demographic growth, throughout contribution to a range of projects.

These include but are not limited to:

Having won this award highlights the amount of work that we have done in over the years to contribute to the Australian economy and maintain our legacy as being Australian Owned.

We would like to thank APAC Insider for the award and are excited to see how else we can contribute to the Australian economy in the future.

Coffey Testing’s – Port Hedland Lab Can Service Your Project’s Needs

With access to readily available resources, Coffey Testing can service the Pilbara area of Western Australia, through their Port Hedland Laboratory.

Coffey Testing, located nationwide, is committed to the Australian economy, and this is further highlighted through their Australian Owned Social Responsibility Partnership.

This certification represents our active support for not only the wellbeing of our staff, but our clients and other local businesses. It is important for the support to go both ways, as at the end of the day, this is a key driver in our nation’s economy and success.

Franco Harkins, General Manager of Coffey Testing’s Western Australian and South Australian operations, states, “Port Hedland is the gateway to the Pilbara, and this will allow us to service the whole region and be in driving distance to the South of the Kimberly region.”

Benefits of accessibility to the Pilbara region

The Port Hedland Laboratory services the Mid-West, Gascoyne, Pilbara, and Kimberley regions of Western Australia. Initially starting out as an annex Laboratory in February 2023, it then transitioned into a branch in April of the same year. It acts as the Regional Hub, that provides equipment and staffing to these regional operations. The Port Hedland lab has the housing for 3 technicians, 2 of which are currently residential, and can provide local testing services 7 days a week, without the need of Coffey Testing Perth needing to fly staff in and out.

Harkins adds, “We realised that our footprint of permanent testing facilities was limited to the Perth metropolitan area, and with us having several remote annex facilities in Pilbara, it was essential for us to open a remote base testing facility to provide not only support for our remote annex labs, but also provide testing services to local clients, mining and resource areas.”

The Port Hedland laboratory allows Coffey Testing to be readily available to assist with projects that will nurture the growth of the rural Western Australian population. Pilbara is known to many as the Resource Hub, and having this locality allows us to readily supply our services within a high turnaround time, whilst also reducing mobilisation time and any additional costs that surround that.

“We don’t need to rely on FIFO staff, and have a full suite of aggregate testing, including Los Angelos Abrasion testing, that no other competing remote lab can provide.
Alongside this, our staff are very experienced and qualified, and have over 100 years of collective experience between them, bringing our clients peace of mind when it comes to their projects,” Harkins says.

Our long-standing relationships with clients and the impact

Over the past 12 months, the Port Hedland team have worked with client Austral Construction, on a range of projects that further support the Pilbara region. These include the Yeerabiddy Rail Siding Project, BHP Rail Renewals and MAC Access Road.

Austral Construction was founded in 1979 and quickly became one of Australia’s leading marine piling and civil construction companies. Since then, Austral has steadily grown and expanded their services across the mining, civil and marine sectors. Their mission is to deliver safe, sustainable, and high-quality projects and services, which uphold their core values and the ‘Austral Construction’ legacy.

Thomas Crocker, a Senior Project Manager for Austral Construction, states that the company came across Coffey Testing when needing a contractor that was reliable, flexible, and aligned with the businesses’ core values.

“With a large percentage of our work located between Newman and Port Hedland, having a locally based Geotechnical partner with the ability to mobilise on short notice allows us the flexibility to meet our client’s ever-changing requirements.

Things can move quickly when working on these projects, so Austral and our partners need to be nimble enough to respond with a of minimum fuss. Coffey [Testing] does this with aplomb.”

Crocker also talks about the importance of working with like-minded partners, as these teams can create the most successful projects when working towards a common goal. He also highly talks about Coffey Testing and our ability to be reactive whilst still maintaining our professionalism, day-in, day-out.

“There is an understanding that while the original plan may change, we must remain agile, and ensure that quality and safety are always at the forefront of completing any project.

Austral Construction has built a solid foundation on completing high quality projects, and Coffey Testing possesses the same eye for detail.”

Crocker also talks about how there is plenty of opportunity for growth in the region of Port Hedland, and how the ongoing works that the Austral and Coffey Testing teams are a part of, make all the difference when it comes to accessibility to accommodation, and resources for workers and families alike.

He says, “Engaging with contractors with the same ethos of quality and safety that Austral do is vital to things running smoothly. Coffey Testing have been key to this on several projects to date.”

Adding, “Having ongoing works in the region is great for the local community, as it provides opportunities for families to relocate to the local area, rather than solely relying on FIFO workers. While the resources sector can be a fickle beast at times, we have confidence that the future is bright and that there will be a strong work bank to draw from for many years to come.”

Port Hedland is Proudly Supported by Coffey Testing

To conclude, Port Hedland is the gateway to Pilbara, which acts as the Resource Hub to the Port Hedland region of Western Australia. Our Coffey Testing team is actively available to pursue any projects through their attention to detail and high-quality testing services that yield results that last. If you are after construction materials testing and advice that is bound to make an impact to your project and create an ongoing relationship for future projects, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Port Hedland team today.

Coffey Testing Opens NEW Cairns Laboratory to Service Far Northern Queensland

Coffey Testing’s new laboratory located in Cairns, is now fully NATA accredited and operational.

The laboratory will be able to service the areas of Far Northern Queensland such as Burketown and Weipa in the west down to Townsville in the south and already doing some work on Yam Island and in the Torres Strait in the North.

Our Coffey Testing team can facilitate testing such as soil, aggregate and concrete testing for a range of projects within the renewable, mining, subdivision sectors, as well as projects announced by local councils, such as road, bridge and culvert works.

Northern Queensland General Manager Sam Hill states, “Opening our Cairns laboratory has been a great win for both our staff and our clients. Far North Queensland is a beautiful part of the state, and we are looking forward to taking more projects in this area.

The decision to establish a presence in Cairns underscores Coffey Testing’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our clients, as the demand for our services in Cairns has been evident for some time. Our new laboratory not only enhances our operational capabilities but also enables us to extend our services seamlessly to remote regions.”

Our team in Northern Queensland are keen to continue to contribute to the growing Northern Queensland region, through education, information, and providing construction and support to local communities.


Rehabilitate Your Mine Site with Coffey Testing – Northern Territory

Coffey Testing are assisting various mine operations in prioritising the rehabilitation of mine sites within the Northern Territory.

Continue reading to discover the testing capabilities that our Northern Territory team can provide to assist with this scope of works.

What is Mine Site Rehabilitation?

Although mining in Australia still makes up a large proportion of the nation’s economy, but with plans to be zero emissions by 2050, mine site rehabilitation has never been so important.

When mining operations are complete, the natural landscape and the stripping of vegetation can lead to major environmental impacts.

This process allows for the process of restoration to occur, ensuring that land that was once used in mining is now available for economic activity, conservation and diverse community uses.

Australian Governments have now placed significant emphasis on the need to rehabilitate a mine site, as this will impact the future use and repurpose of the land.

Benefits of Mine Site Rehabilitation

Progressive rehabilitation practices that have been put into place also provide better outcomes for soils and land to be repurposed. There are a range of benefits, including the following:

  • More opportunities for land use,
  • Better flora and fauna outcomes,
  • Minimising the health and safety risks associated with mine sites,
  • Reduced financial risks and liabilities,
  • Cutting costs by future planning, and
  • Building positive reputations for mine operators who meet regulations and community expectations.

Coffey Testing’s Capabilities to Assist with Your Next Project

Coffey Testing – Northern Territory has a wide scope of testing and services to assist with mine site rehabilitation.

These include:

  • Site classification,
  • Soil testing,
  • Aggregate testing, and
  • Level 1 Supervision.

Get in touch with us today for more information on services and their rates.

Coffey Testing – Northern Territory’s Site Classification Testing Capabilities

At Coffey Testing, we believe that all successful builds start with reliable soil testing and accurate site classification.

Not only is site classification that is required by council DA approval, but it is also crucial to the integrity of any project. Far too often, project managers will find that early on their foundations, bricks and gyprocks and movement in building frame foundations occur, and this is a result of incorrect site classifications.

When it comes to Coffey Testing – Northern Territory, we will provide the correct insights backed by over 65 years of experience and expertise, guaranteed to give you the results you need.

Rely on Coffey Testing – Northern Territory with our in-depth site classification testing today. Get in touch with our sales team for more information rates or to discuss your requirements.

Soil Testing Available at Coffey Testing – Northern Territory

Soil testing can help project managers gather an in-depth understanding of the ground conditions and the project’s soil composition. Having these insights enables confidence with planning construction and mitigating risks.

From site classification to other types of soil testing such as material quality and conformance, compaction testing, consolidation testing, density testing, as well as advanced specialised testing, our Coffey Testing team can do it all.

Find out more about rates and get a quote from our sales team in the Northern Territory team here.

Did you know we can also offer specialty testing services? Get in touch here.

Additionally, if you are after any other specialty testing services to test materials such as rocks, you can see this here. 

Coffey Testing – Northern Territory Can Also Test on Gravel and Aggregates

Coffey Testing’s aggregate testing services take a deep dive into the material’s properties to ensure that it is suitable for your project. Our skilled and experienced technicians will analyse and test the size, shape, density, strength, and durability of the aggregates.

Whether you are looking for professional advice or need rates, a resolute focus of Coffey Testing’s is to reduce your risk and giving you valuable information that will assist with decisions that heavily influence your project. Contact us today and allow us to talk through your specific needs.

Choose Coffey Testing – Northern Territory for Level 1 Supervision

Due to the wide scope of projects that are heavily associated with residential and commercial developments, Coffey Testing – Northern Territory can facilitate Level 1 Supervision and Certification, which is necessary throughout the earthworks and stages of civil construction. Our Level 1 Site Supervision and Testing is in accordance with ‘AS3798-2007 Guidelines on Earthworks for Commercial and Residential Developments.’

Get in touch today with our Coffey Testing – Northern Territory team to find out more information about how we can further assist you and your project’s needs.

Coffey Testing’s Site Labs and Remote Testing Make us the Best Choice for Your Next Project

Our Coffey Testing – Northern Territory team has the resources and knowledge available to service a wide range of projects that require construction materials testing, no matter where you are.

With access to one of the largest NATA scopes of accreditation in Australia, Coffey Testing can facilitate remote labs and annex labs, that allow for our testing requirements to be kept in-house and can cut costs and speed up outcome delivery.

For more information on any additional testing services that you might be after, please contact our sales team at Coffey Testing – Northern Territory today.


Improve Your Pavement Design with Coffey Testing’s backing of AustStab

Coffey Testing has an ongoing affiliation with AustStab, the Australian Pavement Recycling and Stablisation Association.

This affiliation allows us to, alongside our pavement rehabilitation and drilling practices in Coffey Testing, to build further industry knowledge on the recycling of pavements and the importance of pavement longevity for major projects such as roads and airports.

About AustStab

AustStab, the Pavement Recycling and Stabilisation Association, was established in 1995 by specialist stabilising contractors, who wanted to further promote the importance of recycling pavements.

Since establishment, the experience of the road authorities and contractors involved has allowed the association to formulate the best practices and specifications when it comes to maintaining Australian roads.

With supporting resources, such as education, close collaborations with industry partners and a wide range of research available, AustStab is the only member driven industry association in the world for pavement recycling and stabilisation – creating roads for future generations.

The Roads to Recovery (RTR) Program

The RTR Program supports the construction and maintenance of Australia’s local roads, focusing solely on greater accessibility in a cost-efficient method.

According to the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA), local roads are a critical part of our national road network, and ongoing funding will allow for safer roads and also help with reducing the unacceptably high national road toll, especially in rural and regional areas.

The RTR program is an ongoing program that works to actively fix these through a stable and predictable source of funding.

The Investment and Infrastructure Program (IIP) states, “In the current funding period, from 2019-20 to 2023-24, $2.6 billion is available nationally under the RTR program. Since the start of this funding period, recipients have delivered repairs and upgrades to almost 12,000 road sites [within the country].”

Benefits of Pavement Recycling and Road Rehabilitation

When it comes to keeping our communities safe on the roads, ensuring that our roads are maintained regularly is a priority.

Not only are roads the main link between other communities, but inhabiting pavement recycling into the road rehabilitation hosts the following benefits:

● We can identify the suitability to see if the insitu-materials can be stabilised, re-used and modified, meaning marginal materials destined to be disposed of can be re-used to last another lifecycle of the pavement,
● Significantly reduces the waste of materials that would otherwise be discarded,
● Decreases the environmental impacts on the environment through utilising pre-existing materials, and
● Also minimises the cost associated with local taxpayers that would often go to fixing LGA roads.

Coffey Testing can assist with Pavement Recycling and Roads Rehabilitation

Coffey Testing, backed not only by the resources provided by AustStab and its NATA accredited testing, are able to assist with a wide range of road rehabilitation projects and pavement recycling initiatives across Australia.

This is done through investigating and identifying the subsurface conditions, by advancing boreholes within pre-existing, damaged pavements. From here, the drilling team can identify the pavement materials’ defects and will take the various strata and layers to our Coffey Testing laboratories for testing, which will further identify the suitability to see if the insitu-materials can be stabilised, re-used, and then further modified to increase the longevity of the pavement design.

The Coffey Testing team can also conduct testing trials in our laboratories, located across Australia. These trials allow us to check for material suitability, and then we are able to confirm designs for cementitious stabilisation, foam bitumen, flexible pavements and stabilised upgrades.

Do you need Pavement Recycling and Roads Rehabilitation for your next project?

Get in touch with Coffey Testing today to find out how we can best suit your roads rehabilitation needs.

Furthermore, if you are after more resources for when it comes to project design for pavement stablisation and recycling, visit the AustStab website for more information.


Create Safer Motorways and Highways with the Coffey Testing – Adelaide Team

The Coffey Testing – Adelaide Team has the skills and expertise to assist with any roads and tunnelling projects in South Australia.

Discover the testing capabilities that our South Australian team can offer when it comes to prioritising the longevity, structural integrity and safety of our roads and tunnels.

The Importance of Efficient Roads and Tunnels in South Australia

When it comes to sustaining economic growth through Infrastructure Programs, Australian Governments are investing large sums of money into creating and rehabilitating roads and tunnels to improve transportation systems.

Working on these major roads and tunnelling projects can improve the following:

• Allows drivers to bypass copious traffic lights, cutting down the time of the everyday commute,
• The improvement of productivity and accessibility for small and large freight vehicle movements,
• Additional connectivity between communities,
• Improving the efficiency and reliability of all modes of travel,
• Creating additionally connected communities, that will lead to improved land use opportunities,
• Job creation, which will create a skills legacy for South Australia in particular,
• Improving the public transport services by providing more efficient transportation routes and journeys,
• Increase the safety of all roads, and
• The continued preservation of important cultural and heritage sites.

Coffey Testing – Adelaide’s Soil Testing Capabilities

Coffey Testing – Adelaide boasts a comprehensive network of remote and stationary laboratories, where our skilled geo-technicians are located. With over 60 years of expertise and experience, we are well equipped to assess the integrity of the soil, because after all – all successful projects start with the groundworks.

The types of soil testing that Coffey Testing – Adelaide can facilitate include:

• Standard and Modified Compaction Testing,
• Moisture Content Testing,
• Maximum Dry Density Testing,
• Dry Density Ratio Testing,
• Emerson Class Testing,
• Particle Size Distribution,
• PI/ Atterberg Limits, and
• Shrink Swell Testing.

For more information on the soil testing that the Coffey Testing – Adelaide team can facilitate, get in touch with our team here.

Concrete Tests Available at Coffey Testing – Adelaide

Due to Coffey Testing’s affiliation with AustStab, our clients can feel at ease and a sense of reassurance to know that when it comes to concrete testing for your next project, that all the following are considered:

• Costs needed to rehabilitate any materials used are reduced,
• Impact on the environment is minimised,
• Building safer roads for drivers are at the forefront of our priorities, and
• Our rates are competitive.

We are committed to making a positive difference when it comes to concrete testing for your next project. Reach out to us today, and we can further discuss your requirements.

Unlock more insights with Coffey Testing – Adelaide’s Aggregate Testing Services

Coffey Testing – Adelaide can also provide aggregate testing services that allows project managers to make more informed decisions for successful roads and tunnel projects.
Whether you are looking for results on the following materials:

• Concrete aggregates,
• Road base aggregates,
• Drainage aggregates, or
• Asphalt aggregates,

Our team are here to help you.

With in-depth aggregate testing, backed by NATA requirements and Australian standards, Coffey Testing are the construction materials testing industry that you can trust. Contact us today for more information.

Coffey Testing – Adelaide can also undertake Pavement Investigation

Coffey Testing possesses a strong grounding in pavement rehabilitation, specialising in the realm of stabilised and foamed bitumen pavements.
We prioritise incorporating design measures to retain in-situ materials where we can, as this not only contributes to cost savings but also results in effective project delivery and minimised material waste. This becomes especially critical in rural areas, where transportation costs for materials can surpass the actual cost of pavement materials.

Coffey Testing utilise Pavement Investigations for many local councils, civil contractors, and regional road programs. Find out more on how we can utilise Pavement Investigation for your next project.

Reach out to Coffey Testing – Adelaide for Level 1 Supervision

Our Coffey Testing – Adelaide team can perform Level 1 Site Supervision and Testing in accordance with ‘AS3798-2007 Guidelines on Earthworks for Commercial and Residential Developments.’

Coffey Testing’s longstanding relationships with our clients, combined with our skilled staff ensures that we have the appropriate experts on-hand to ensure that your projects are completed in a timely and effective manner whilst reducing your construction risk exposure. Get in touch for our rates or speak to a Coffey Testing member about this today.

Coffey Testing – Adelaide’s Specialty Testing Laboratory Facility

At Coffey Testing, we understand that not all projects are the same. Our technical experts can conduct specialist tests and produce data tailored to suit any differing project requirements.
Our specialty testing at our Adelaide branch includes but are not limited to:

• Soil Permeability Testing,
• Hydrometer/ Sedimentation Testing, and
• Soil Suction Testing.

Find out more about other specialty testing services Coffey Testing – Adelaide can provide.

Coffey Testing Can Service Remote and Rural Australia

Coffey Testing is committed to providing solutions for all projects, no matter the scope and location. 

With our additional resources, knowledge and experienced staff available throughout regional and remote Australia, the Coffey Testing team can assist with our client’s projects through our Site Labs and Remote Testing facilities. 

Coffey Testing Site Labs and Remote Testing 

With Coffey Testing’s proven delivery of accurate and timely results for a range of remote mining and civil infrastructure, we are a construction materials testing company that our clients can trust. 

Coffey Testing has access to one of the large NATA accreditations in Australia, meaning that our teams can keep their testing requirements in-house.

When it comes to site labs and remote testing, Coffey Testing can facilitate on-site testing that:

  • Will deliver client’s results on time, and 
  • Won’t break the budget, on even the most challenging and remote of projects. 

Soil Testing

Coffey Testing can facilitate the following soil testing services in their remote annexes:

  • Soil classification,
  • Material quality and conformance, 
  • Compaction testing, 
  • Consolidation testing, 
  • Density testing, through to advance specialised testing. 

To find out information, see here. 

Concrete Testing

When it comes to testing concrete in the construction industry, ensuring that your concrete and other materials are being tested accurately, and having a team of qualified technicians that you can rely on is imperative. 

Our nationwide Coffey Testing team specialise in an extensive range of concrete testing, from general field, and QA testing, through to specialty concrete testing. 

Our ongoing affiliation with AustStab, also gives our clients additional reassurance that all factors such as cost, time, and the environment are covered. 

Find out more about our concrete testing capabilities here.

Aggregate Testing 

Coffey Testing’s aggregate testing services offer not only reliable results, but also equip our clients with the knowledge and solutions required for their projects. 

Our in-depth aggregate testing services offer reliable results that provide you with all the data you need. 

You can find out more about our aggregate testing capabilities here

Coffey Testing Remote Annex Locations Across Australia

Coffey Testing across Australia have had the following remote annex locations available for a wide range of projects, including: 

Do you need remote testing for your next project?

No matter the size of your remote project, Coffey Testing can provide you with quality testing services, regardless of where you are. To find out more about our site labs and remote testing services, do not hesitate to get in touch today. 

Coffey Testing – Rockhampton’s Commitment to the Wind Energy Sector

Wind energy is one of Australia’s main sources of renewable energy. It generates enough energy to meet 35.9% of the country’s electricity demands and 9.9% of Australia’s overall electricity supply. By 2030, wind energy is projected to share 50% of electricity generation in Australia. This is a massive opportunity for major players for those already involved or wanting to be involved in the renewable industry. 

Coffey Testing- Rockhampton are eager to share their expertise and capabilities in the Wind Energy Sector. Through their commitment to delivering exceptional results, the Rockhampton team can assist with the following testing methods. 


A geo-investigation, also known as soil testing, can allow for further insight to be gained into the ground conditions and current soil composition of the ground. This allows Project Managers to site plan with confidence and cut out the risks from the very beginning of the construction process. 

Concrete Testing and Assessments 

When it comes to the integrity of the Wind Farm, ensuring that the foundations are suitable for being built on top of, will determine the success of the overarching project, and will cut costs of project maintenance and renewal in the future.

Wind farms are typically built on a mountain or somewhere in which they are elevated from the ground. This is so that when the wind hits the turbines, they will kinetically move. It is important that not only the foundations are stable, but that the overall structure of the tower is in stable condition.

Construction Support

Coffey Testing can provide expertise on ensuring that your Wind Farm is stable and erect throughout the construction stage, ensuring that crane pads meet the design strength and design parameters. 

This is to ensure that, when cranes are erecting the different components of the Wind Farm such as the turbines, towers, gearboxes and blades are stable and kept in place, minimises risk that can be associated with unstable and dodgy construction practices.

Level 1 Supervision

Coffey Testing’s nationwide team of qualified technicians can perform Level 1 Site Supervision and Testing, which is in accordance with AS3798-2007 Guidelines on Earthworks for Commercial and Residential Developments. 

Coffey Testing’s network of Australian-wider stakeholders ensure that we have the appropriate experts on-hand to have your certification completed in a timely manner whilst reducing your construction risk exposure. When it comes to safety, Coffey Testing prioritises this.

Our desire to expand in the wind energy sector is backed by a strong track record of successful projects.

Let Coffey Testing – Rockhampton be your partner in facilitating your next wind energy project – Get in touch today for a quote.