Coffey Testing – Adelaide can Assist in Supporting the Region’s Growth with a Suite of CMT

The team at Coffey Testing – Adelaide can provide a suite of construction materials testing services to assist with major infrastructure projects such as new housing developments, transportation network upgrades, environmental preservation and climate change adaptation initiatives.

The Future of Adelaide’s Infrastructural Landscape

Adelaide is undergoing a structural transformation that will allow the community to become more connected, sustainable and liveable, through plans to implement major transport and urban planning improvements to further assist with economic development and growth.

Transport Infrastructure Upgrades

There are many plans in the pipeline for Adelaide to assist with giving their transport infrastructure a much-needed upgrade. Once complete, the new and improved transport infrastructure will assist with:

  • Giving residents more and easier access to travel and commuting options, all the while cutting down road congestion, and supporting environmental initiatives that look to decrease rates of fossil fuel usage,
  • Creating better links between metro Adelaide and other sides of the state, allowing residents to move around the city in less time, and
  • Improving current and functioning transport systems, which looks at fixing roads, updating traffic systems and implementing new technologies to make traffic smoother and cut down delays.

Types of Testing Adelaide Can Do to Assist

Have peace of mind, knowing that you are getting results from procedures that are in line with the relevant statutory standards.

With geotechnical conditions varying considerably, the materials that are utilised within the construction process can have a major impact on the project’s structural integrity.

As the engineering involved in a construction process gets more complicated, the testing methods that we use to test materials samples must follow.

At our Coffey Testing – Adelaide laboratory, we can provide a broad range of complex specialty testing on materials such as soft soils or aggregates.

The types of testing that we can utilise at the Adelaide laboratory include but are not limited to; –

Are you looking for testing results that will assist your next big infrastructure project?

Coffey Testing – Adelaide’s suite of comprehensive testing services plays a crucial role in project outcomes, minimising risks and delivering exceptional results.

Get in touch with the experienced technicians at our Adelaide laboratory today to get more information on how we can help you with your project.

*header image retrieved from: Plan SA