Coffey Testing is Awarded ‘Best Construction Materials Testing Specialists’ for 2024

Coffey Testing is proud to announce that we have been named ‘Best Construction Materials Testing Specialist’ for the 8th annual APAC Insider Australian Enterprise Awards for 2024.

This is important to us as it stems back to the values and ethics that are portrayed in what it takes to be an Australian Owned business; it shows that whilst the Australian economy has faced various issues coming off the back of COVID-19 in 2020, that many Australian businesses have persevered, allowing the country to recover at a rapid speed in comparison to other countries in the world.

According to APAC Insider, “Australia’s economy generates over $4.5 trillion in output.

Today’s financial landscape is increasingly turbulent, with volatile inflation rates, stunted revenue growth, rising funding costs and regulatory issues are just a few of the challenges [that Australian businesses have faced].”

Whilst these challenges have been prominent in recent years, they have also presented challenges for businesses to look at how they can provide individualised solutions to new problems and fulfil new needs that have been created post-pandemic.

Committed to providing highly quality results in a fast turnaround, Coffey Testing has been supplying soil, concrete and aggregate testing to the Australian construction industry since 1959. Servicing the Transport Infrastructure, Mining, Energy and Defence sectors of Australia, we are committed to supporting the growth of the Australian economy.

Coffey Testing’s Australian Owned Social Responsibility Partnership also go beyond the green logo; it is a testament to the Australian economy to support job creation, economic and demographic growth, throughout contribution to a range of projects.

These include but are not limited to:

Having won this award highlights the amount of work that we have done in over the years to contribute to the Australian economy and maintain our legacy as being Australian Owned.

We would like to thank APAC Insider for the award and are excited to see how else we can contribute to the Australian economy in the future.

Welcoming Graeme Pooley Back to Coffey Testing as Newly Appointed Service Delivery Manager

Coffey Testing would like to announce the return of Graeme Pooley, as our new Service Delivery Manager!

This year, Coffey Testing is going through many changes that will contribute to our expansion throughout Australia, and hiring Graeme in this new and improved role will make all the difference.

Graeme has a myriad of experience within the construction materials testing industry and has worked with a variety of clients across the country on a wide range of projects, such as See Civil, Laing O’Rourke, CPB, Aurecon, WSP, LS Precast and Boral.

With over 30 years’ experience, a range of management certifications, and signatories for AS1289, AS1141, AS1012, WA, RMS and QDOT, Graeme brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to setup, running and implementation of major project labs, safety controls and procedures, quality, and innovative testing methodologies.

Projects Graeme has completed include:

Graeme’s knowledge and experience in Geotechnical Testing has seen him achieve amazing results for clients including new foundation treatments, new specification development to tackle unforeseen site conditions, and LEAN lab development.  The results were increased productivity and lowering total project cost by millions of dollars.

One of the most important things to Coffey Testing is ensuring that our clients feel that they are a priority when it comes to the large scope of projects that we work on.  Having Graeme back with Coffey will ensure that we continue to provide our clients with the level of service they deserve.

Coffey Testing – Sustainable Changes for a Greener Future

Coffey Testing are passionate about supporting the planet and its natural resources, in the hopes of creating an eco-friendly and promising future. We take great pride in our commitment and sustainability to environmental change, consistently ensuring we make a positive impact on the landscape around us.

The Shift Away from Mining

Australia is well known as a mining region. According to the ABS Labour Account data of 2021-22, there was a decrease of 26.2% of employment in mining across Australia.

Comparatively, in between the period of 2015-2019, Australia saw a substantial growth in renewable energy activities, such as scale solar, wind, and installation of rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV), and then in 2021, renewable electricity generation accounted for 34.3% of careers in this field, across the board, and is rapidly increasing.

Coffey Testing Reducing Carbon Emissions

As of February 2023, traffic pollution claims more than 11,000 Australian lives lost each year, making air pollution a silent killer.

Coffey Testing has been monitoring their idling on a weekly basis through our Fleet Manager.

Since May 2023, our Coffey Testing Fleet idling rates have dropped by 13%, decreasing fuel costs of our vehicles, and further minimising the number of emissions that are omitted into the air.

We have recently begun purchasing different-branded vehicles, and the monitoring process will continue to identify if other branded vehicles release less emissions than others.

This process will allow us to make more environmentally conscious decisions when it comes to leasing or purchasing company cars in the future.

Coffey Testing Projects Focused on the Environment

Coffey Testing in recent years has taken on various projects that steer away from mining and focus on a renewable and sustainable future. These include the following:

Wind Farms

Wind energy is one of the nation’s biggest renewable energy resources. Wind power is generated through turbines, and this is where kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy. Wind Farms are usually placed in elevated places, due to there being more wind higher in the air, with many wind turbines with a build height of up to 160 metres.

As of 2023, there are currently more than 300 wind farm projects currently in operation. The Clean Energy Council (CEC) found that wind energy generated 29,891,946MW of electricity in 2022, which accounted for 35.6% Australia’s renewable energy, making wind Australia’s largest renewable energy source.


Coffey Testing Wind Farm Projects

  • Clark Creek Wind Farm: Located 150km North-West of Rockhampton and 150km South of Mackay, Stage One of this 450MW wind farm has commenced.
  • Lotus Creek Wind Farm: This $1 billion project, developed by Ark Energy, was approved for construction in late 2022. Lotus Creek is located approximately 20km West of the town of St Lawrence and will have a maximum capacity of up to 341MW.
  • Boulder Creek Wind Farm: Located 40km South-West of Rockhampton, and about 5km West of Mount Morgan in Central Queensland, Boulder Creek Wind Farm is approximately 372MW, and is expected to comprise of up to 60 wind turbines.

Solar Farms

These farms are typically housed on large plots of land, with several hundred photovoltaic solar panels connected and extended across the plot. Essentially, solar farms work the same that as a roof top solar panel unit, as they also absorb sunlight that is then converted into electricity.

These are used primarily to mass produce and generate large-scale power to then be fed directly into the grid, which can be utilised by households and businesses.

Liquefied Natural Gas

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) involves the process of converting natural gas from its gaseous state into a liquid form. During this refrigeration period, dust, carbon dioxide and other impurities are removed.

LNG is a top contender in the renewable energy transition, and Coffey Testing has been a part of multiple projects in recent years whereby environmental protection and preserving natural flora and fauna is at the forefront.

Coffey Testing LNG Projects

Wheatstone LNG: This was one of six of the major LNG projects under construction throughout the 5-year period of 2011 -2016, located in Onslow, WA. The Project was hugely environmentally sensitive, and successfully managed their environmental considerations throughout project duration.

The Gorgon Gas Project: Located in Barrow Island, WA, this 9 year project has won awards for exceptional environment protection, through quarantine control, flora and fauna welfare, and protection control.

Super Batteries

Super or ‘massive’ batteries are a great tool that will assist with the transition to shift to renewable energy, from coal-powered energy. Filled with thousands of lithium-ion cells, battery storage is a great asset to have, as these batteries can help with responding to electrical shortages. This can be done through utilising the excess energy stored from windy and sunny periods at a quicker rate than network operators have relied on in the past.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Coffey Testing has also been taking the initiative to tidy up their laboratories and recycle any scrap metal that is left over on site.

Leaving scrap metal on site is not only bad for the environment, but it can also cause health and safety risks to staff, including human flesh coming in contact with poisonous chemicals as well as sharp machine parts, rust, and the overall lifting, tripping over and fall objects can also present hazards in the workplace as well.

By taking the time to ensure that scrap metals and anything sharp and heavy is removed safely and recycled accordingly, Coffey Testing is;

  • Decreasing energy usage levels
  • Decreasing water and air pollution
  • Removing exposure to certain toxins, and
  • Decreasing the risk of pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases.

An example of our Coffey Testing team considering the environment in a project includes the Pacific Highway Upgrade – This was a $370 million project that occurred between 2009- 2013. To minimise the disturbance of natural soils and waste generation, Coffey Testing provided specialist advice on the potential effects of aid rock damage, and developed field processes to ensure that as many recyclable materials were utilised as possible without compromising structural integrity.

Do you have a project dedicated to contributing to the future of Australia’s sustainability?

Get in touch today for a quote.




Coffey Testing’s Affiliation with NAWIC

Coffey Testing is honored to be affiliated with the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) organisation as a valued corporate member.

NAWIC is a not-for-profit organisation that strives to advocate for change, educate and empower, and connect women through their love and passion for the construction industry. With Chapters in every state and territory, NAWIC is also international, with Chapters located in the United States, New Zealand, and Canada.

The employees and volunteers involved are motivated in championing the core policy of having a minimum of 25% female participation across all of the construction industry by the year of 2025. To achieve this, the organisation has put together the foundations to encourage cultural change.

Above: NAWIC’s core policy stepping stones. Retrieved from NAWICs website:

This partnership is important to Coffey Testing as it will enable us to continue to promote inclusivity and greater female participation in this male-dominated industry.

Coffey Testing is owned and managed by Dawn Watt, who started out with the company as a Construction Materials Technician in 2001 and became the first female CEO in the Geotechnical and Civil Construction Material Testing industry in Australia in 2019. This was an incredibly pivotal moment for not only the business, but for the construction industry as well.

Since Ms. Watt first stepped foot into the Coffey Testing laboratory in Newcastle over 20 years ago, she has overseen changes have really shaped the foundations of Coffey Testing that have resulted the movement of increasing gender diversity and female representation.

In 2003, Ms. Watt was the only female technician at Coffey Testing. 20 years on, Coffey Testing has 40 female lab employees – six are in positions of management across 12 labs, and 40% of the Coffey Testing Management Team are women.

With the current rate of female participation in the construction industry at approximately at 12%, being affiliated with NAWIC is such an important and valued partnership when it comes to the Australian Economy and taking the right steps towards a workplace culture where all genders are accepted.

Coffey Testing are looking forward to helping achieve these goals and to contribute to the change of the construction industry for now and the future.

Our Commitment to the Australian Economy

Coffey Testing is committed to the Australian economy, embodying the values that align us with our recently acquired Australian Owned Social Responsibility Partnership.

The Australian Owned symbol is more than just a logo – it represents our active support for not only our staff but other local businesses, which in turn allows us to drive our nation’s economy and success.

With over 60 years’ experience within the soils, concrete and aggregate testing field, we not only have the expertise, but our professional teams will guarantee that the project – No matter how big or small, will be conducted in the safest way possible, using the latest up-to-date technology and processes.

Coffey Testing’s operational processes play an integral part in our Social Responsibility Partnership with Australian Owned. With substantial growth in the company as of recent years, Coffey Testing has played and will continue to play a pivotal role in job creation. As a result, this not only reduces the unemployment rates within Australia, but with varying job opportunities and a range of benefits when you work here, we are also helping elevate the lives of fellow citizens on a national scale.

Our partnership with Australian Owned assures our client base that they are endorsing a genuine, Australian- owned business. This trust not only attracts new projects and clients, but it also fortifies existing relationships.

Coffey Testing’s ongoing support of Australian- owned businesses and suppliers in turn is so much more than a transactional agreement; to Coffey Testing, we truly believe in building relationships that will strengthen the social fabric of our communities.

Overall, we are extremely proud of our Australian-Owned roots and are motivated to assist the Australian economy for the many years to come.

Find out about previous and current initiatives that Coffey Testing also does to assist the future of Australia here.

Coffey Testing is Australian Owned and Trusted

Coffey Testing is proud to be recognised as an Australian Owned Social Responsibility Partner

Being Australian Owned is important to us as it truly reflects Coffey Testing, and the differences that we aim to make to the Australian economy. Even though it has been nearly 2 years since the last COVID-19 lockdown, our economy is still catching up, and now, more than ever, it is so important to ensure that businesses and individuals alike are supporting Australian businesses nationwide.

Who is Coffey Testing?

Coffey Testing is the leading Construction Materials Testing organsation, located nationally in Australia. For any project, no matter how big or small, we aim to perform to the very best of our ability, allowing us to give suppliers the best possible result for their project, and this is reflected within our highly skilled technicians.

Coffey Testing Supports Local

Coffey Testing endeavors to support our fellow Australian businesses. This can look like anything; through shopping with local suppliers, sponsoring sporting teams, and also attending various networking events, we give our all to ensure that we are supporting others in the Australian economy. 

The Coffey Testing Difference

Our dedication to ensuring we are looking at a greener and much more sustainable future has been embedded throughout all labs, and we host fundraisers and encourage our staff to recycle scrap metals as a result of this.

Safety is Important

We do not compromise on safety, quality assurance and accuracy, which in turn has allowed us to foster new relationships and nurture pre-existing ones. Our testing processes are also NATA accredited, giving our clients the peace of mind that we will conduct our job in a professional manner.

Coffey Testing is not only Australian Owned, but also Australian TRUSTED.

To request a quote or submit an enquiry, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Coffey Testing Wins Two ABA100 Awards

We are pleased to announce that Coffey Testing has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for both HR MANAGEMENT and TRAINING EXCELLENCE in The Australian Business Awards 2022!

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Training & Development at Coffey Testing

Did you know that we have a dedicated internal training team as well as external training providers (RTOs) located across Australia? We are BIG on training and learning at Coffey Testing, not only for new trainees but for the continuous development of experienced Technicians. We believe that quality training leads to quality results.

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Coffey Testing Announces Completion of Management Buy-Out and Appointment of New Directors

In late 2021, Coffey Testing senior managers completed the final stages of a management buy-out from Tetra tech Coffey, now making it a wholly staff and Australian owned entity.  To continue the improvement of governance, Coffey Testing and its Board are pleased to announce the appointment of two new non-executive Directors: Andrew Morison (Chairman) and Ian Webb. Read more

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