Coffey Testing WA Supports Grassroots Surfing Event: The 25th Lavan Whalebone Longboard Classic

Cottesloe is gearing up to host one of Western Australia’s most anticipated surfing events, the 25th Lavan Whalebone Longboard Classic. Taking place from July 5th to July 7th at Isolated Reef, this iconic competition promises to be a celebration of surfing culture, community spirit, and coastal camaraderie. 

The Whalebone Classic traces its origins back to 1998 when local longboarder Peter Dunn discovered a whale’s rib bone in the surf at Cottesloe. Inspired by this extraordinary find, Dunn decided to honor the whale’s spirit by organising a longboard competition. Over the years, the event has evolved into a beloved fixture on Western Australia’s surfing calendar, drawing participants and spectators from near and far. 

This year’s event is made even more special with the backing of Coffey Testing WA (Which includes both Perth and Port Hedland laboratories), a company known for its commitment to community support and engagement. Coffey Testing WA’s sponsorship underscores the importance of local businesses contributing to grassroots events that foster community bonds and promote active, outdoor lifestyles. 

By supporting the Whalebone Longboard Classic, Coffey Testing WA is helping to ensure that the event continues to thrive, providing a platform for surfers of all ages and skill levels to showcase their talents and passion for the sport. This partnership highlights the shared values of perseverance, dedication, and respect for the environment—principles that are as integral to surfing as they are to Coffey Testing WA’s operations. 

The Lavan Whalebone Longboard Classic is more than just a competition; it is a celebration of the surfing community and its rich heritage. Participants look forward to a series of thrilling heats, featuring an elite and experienced field of competitors ready to battle it out along Perth’s metropolitan coast. The event is renowned for its welcoming atmosphere, where seasoned pros and enthusiastic amateurs come together to share their love for longboarding. 

Through their sponsorship, Coffey Testing WA demonstrates a steadfast commitment to the success of community events, environmental stewardship, and the empowerment of local talent. Their involvement highlights the profound impact that local businesses can have on fostering community spirit and sustaining beloved traditions.