Coffey Testing is Awarded ‘Best Construction Materials Testing Specialists’ for 2024

Coffey Testing is Awarded 'Best Construction Materials Testing Specialists' for 2024

Coffey Testing is proud to announce that we have been named ‘Best Construction Materials Testing Specialist’ for the 8th annual APAC Insider Australian Enterprise Awards for 2024.

This is important to us as it stems back to the values and ethics that are portrayed in what it takes to be an Australian Owned business; it shows that whilst the Australian economy has faced various issues coming off the back of COVID-19 in 2020, that many Australian businesses have persevered, allowing the country to recover at a rapid speed in comparison to other countries in the world.

According to APAC Insider, “Australia’s economy generates over $4.5 trillion in output.

Today’s financial landscape is increasingly turbulent, with volatile inflation rates, stunted revenue growth, rising funding costs and regulatory issues are just a few of the challenges [that Australian businesses have faced].”

Whilst these challenges have been prominent in recent years, they have also presented challenges for businesses to look at how they can provide individualised solutions to new problems and fulfil new needs that have been created post-pandemic.

Committed to providing highly quality results in a fast turnaround, Coffey Testing has been supplying soil, concrete and aggregate testing to the Australian construction industry since 1959. Servicing the Transport Infrastructure, Mining, Energy and Defence sectors of Australia, we are committed to supporting the growth of the Australian economy.

Coffey Testing’s Australian Owned Social Responsibility Partnership also go beyond the green logo; it is a testament to the Australian economy to support job creation, economic and demographic growth, throughout contribution to a range of projects.

These include but are not limited to:

Having won this award highlights the amount of work that we have done in over the years to contribute to the Australian economy and maintain our legacy as being Australian Owned.

We would like to thank APAC Insider for the award and are excited to see how else we can contribute to the Australian economy in the future.