What is Chemical Lab Testing?

Chemical Lab testing is the use of chemistry practices to determine properties and trace elements of materials in the construction industry.

What can we test with Chemical Lab Testing?

The Coffey Testing team in Brisbane can carry out testing on soils, aggregates, concrete, and water samples.

What are the different types of Chemical Lab Testing?

There are various types of chemical testing that Coffey Testing can facilitate, and these include:

  • pH testing,
  • Sulfate and chloride in concrete,
  • Sulphate content, organic content of soils,
  • Light particles,
  • Sugar contents,
  • Soil resistivity,
  • Methylene blue value, and
  • Lime demand.

What are the benefits of Chemical Lab Testing?

Coffey Testing – Brisbane can offer their clients a complete package/service for their material certification requirements, making them a one-stop shop for all your construction materials testing needs.

Previous Projects where Coffey Testing – Brisbane utilised their Chemical Lab testing include:

Will you need Chemical Lab testing for your next project?

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our Coffey Testing – Brisbane team for more information.