COVID 19 Response

Coffey Testing – COVID 19 Response

At Coffey Testing our number one priority through COVID19 is the safety and
health of our employees and their families.

In a fast moving and fluid environment our decisions are being guided by
the below principles as we follow the advice from Commonwealth, State and
Territory Government as well as their respective health authorities:

  • Limit risk to the health of our people and their families, clients,
    suppliers and the broader community; and
  • Being flexible and agile to maintain our quality standard of client
    services across Australia.

Limit risk to the health of our people

We have been proactive in implementing initiatives to make sure we all
remain healthy.

Below are some of the Coffey Testing wide initiatives that have been

Company-wide initiatives:

  • Split shifts where possible to reduce unnecessary exposure to others;
  • Work station distancing and independence;
  • Toolbox meetings in open, outdoor areas with compulsory distancing;
  • Staggered lunch breaks;
  • Increased equipment and commercial cleaning as well as intermittent
    office disinfecting throughout the day;
  • Sanitiser wherever possible and used as frequently as possible;
  • Ensuring isolation rules are followed;
  • Staff who can work from home are doing so to minimise unnecessary
    exposure to essential workers that must remain in the office; and
  • Reminders of the importance of effective hand washing.

In addition, due to the diversity of our business across locations, we have
encouraged each location to apply processes and sanitation methods that are
effective for their unique operating environment.

Servicing our clients

We are engaging constantly with our clients to ensure our service ability
is aligned to their current and upcoming programs. With more than 250
qualified technicians throughout Australia we continue to be well placed to
ensure delivery to the high standards our clients expect.

Our integrated online systems allow our operational systems and processes
to keep being used in service of our clients and keeps the work connected
between the laboratories and those people that are working from home.

Our risks of COVID19 exposure through our supply chain are minimal as we
are not dependent on suppliers or complex supply chains to deliver our
services and we maintain additional capacity of equipment and consumables
at all times.

Whilst our minimal dependence on suppliers is not like most businesses, we
have remained proactive in our communication with them to ensure this area
does not become a risk to our business’ ability to operate.


Since the outbreak of this pandemic we have adhered strictly to State and
Federal Government restrictions in relation to travel. All travel unrelated
to Government stipulated essential work is not permitted. Any of our staff
who have returned from personal international travel, have been fully
complicit with isolation requirements.

To support these new ways of working, Coffey Testing have utilised
technology wherever possible and our already advanced online operational
systems that allow work from remote environments.