Coffey Testing – Adelaide Can Provide Testing to Assist with Your Urban Planning and Housing Developments

Coffey Testing - Adelaide can assist with the biggest projects in South Australia.

With a large suite of testing available at the Coffey Testing – Adelaide laboratory, our team have the expertise to assist with some of the biggest urban planning and housing development projects across South Australia.

The Future of Adelaide Population

According to Plan SA, South Australia’s population will exceed by approximately two million people by 2031, and with this being said, future and long-term planning has started to assist with supporting this rapid growth.

Urban Planning and Housing Developments

With a focus on sustainability, the South Australian government has been working on improving urban planning and housing to meet the needs of a growing region.

This will be done through:

  • Revitalising pre-existing urban centres,
  • Creating affordable and diverse housing options, and
  • Creating public spaces and amenities that impact residents’ lifestyle in a positive way, including recreational parks, and places for cultural activities.

How Coffey Testing – Adelaide Can Assist with These Projects

Have peace of mind knowing that our procedures comply with NATA and relevant statutory standards.

With geotechnical conditions of projects forever changing, materials used in construction play a crucial role in ensuring a project’s structural integrity and maintaining longevity.

As construction engineering becomes more complex, the testing methods should become more extensive to suit and uncover insights that can assist project managers with insights and valuable data, to come to feasible project solutions.

At Coffey Testing – Adelaide, we have a suite of testing available that can assist our clients with urban planning and housing development projects, that include but are not limited to residential and subdivision lots.

These include:

  • Level 1 & 2 Supervision,
  • Maximum dry density – Standard/Modified method,
  • Hilf Density,
  • Max/Min Dry Density,
  • Field Density Testing,
  • California Bearing Ratio (CBR),
  • Soil Classification, and
  • EPA Waste Classification.

Do you need reliable testing results for your next Urban Housing Development Project?

Coffey Testing – Adelaide offers a wide range of testing services essential for minimising risks and ensuring the longevity of your project outcomes.

Get in touch with our experienced technicians at the Coffey Testing – Adelaide laboratory on how we can further support you and your projects.