Pavement Investigations allow us to see the integrity of the materials and save in materials and money in the long run.

Explore the Possibilities of Pavement Longevity with Coffey Testing – Central Coast

Our Coffey Testing – Central Coast team are specialists in pavement rehabilitation and longevity.

We invite you to explore the possibilities and testing capabilities that we can provide when it comes to ensuring that the longevity, structural integrity, and safety of Australian roads are our priorities.

Coffey Testing – Central Coast’s Drilling Team

The Coffey Testing – Central Coast drilling team are experienced in helping local councils, civil contractors, and regional road programs to restore their LGA’s pavements. We aim to help provide safer roads for their communities and by doing so Coffey Testing is:

  • Significantly reducing the waste of otherwise discarded materials
  • Decreasing the impact on the environment, and
  • Minimising the cost associated with local taxpayers.

Our drilling team have strong backgrounds in construction materials testing and will be able to utilise this knowledge to undertake thorough pavement investigations for our client’s projects.

Coffey Testing’s approach to Quality Assurance

Coffey Testing is an Australian Owned organisation that has been paving the way for construction materials testing for over 60 years.

When it comes to pavement investigation, stablisation trial mix design and conformance testing, deflection monitoring, material quality testing and compaction testing across all scales of pavement projects, Coffey Testing used its NATA accredited testing methods to give our clients the results they need rather than the results that they want.

Coffey Testing and Pavement Longevity for Road Rehabilitation

Our Coffey Testing – Central Coast drilling team aims to repurpose and recycle any materials used to increase the lifespan of Australia’s roads.

Materials such as:

  • Recycled crushed concretes, suitable for road bases, and
  • Selected material zones (SMZs) and crushed glass,

Are ideal for the road rehabilitation as they are already available, cutting supplier costs and turnaround time needed for materials to be shipped.

Coffey Testing is also the only private testing laboratory network in Australia that has the WLB10S Foaming Trial Machine for bitumen modulus testing under our belts, making us the ideal company when it comes to councils wanting high quality results for their roads without dipping too far into their allocated budgets.

Striving for continued improvement in the Pavement Investigation Process

Coffey Testing is a member of AustStab, which is Australia’s #1 pavement recycling and stabilisation association. Having access to this group allows for additional knowledge on the pavement investigation industry.

From the latest breakthroughs, guideline changes, and any troubleshooting within the industry, our Coffey Testing drilling team are always looking for ways to improve their processes, cut the costs and increase the quality of testing and outcome procedures for our clients.


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