The Airport Projects Team are helping to replace over 100 slabs through conducting compaction and DCP testing. This testing allows them to determine the health of the existing material under the slab after excavation.

  • Client: Melbourne Airport
  • Duration: April 2023 – February 2024, and then back again in March 2024
  • Location: Melbourne Airport, VIC

More Info

The Melbourne Airport Pavement Maintenance Project (MAPMP 2.0) is currently coordinated by our Airport Project Team, with Reece O’Connor as Project Manager.

This project commenced in April of this year, and consists of over 100 slabs to be replaced during nightworks. The slab replacements process includes compaction and DCP testing to test the existing material under the slab after excavation.

This is followed by volumetrics pouring in formation where each truck requires testing for consistency, flexural and compressive strength. With the mix being rapid set concrete, it leaves no time for error. The slab must be poured, and the required results achieved in time to re-open the airport to traffic.