Training at Coffey Testing

Coffey Testing continues to invest in our people through formal training as well as on the job development.  All certification is through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and complies with the Australian Qualifications Framework.

The qualifications we offer our frontline staff are:

  • Certificate III in Laboratory Skills;
  • Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques;
  • Diploma of Laboratory Technology; and
  • Advanced Diploma of Laboratory Operations.

We have had three of our laboratory managers recently complete their ‘Advanced Diploma of Laboratory Operations’ with another three currently nearing completion as well as three more undertaking a ‘Diploma of Laboratory Operations’ education. 

Eight more senior staff are completing their ‘Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques’ with another two of our staff doing their ‘Certificate III in Laboratory Skills’.

Over the last five years we have had Coffey Testing employees complete the following RTO complicit qualifications:

  • 13 Advanced Diploma’s in Laboratory Operations;
  • 14 completed Diploma’s in Laboratory Technology;
  • 32 completed Certificate IV’s in Laboratory Techniques; and
  • 45 completed Certificate III’s in Laboratory Skills.